Online booking for move out – move in cleaning

What is included in a moving cleaning?

Below is an explanation of what is included when you order a Move in/out cleaning from E-stad, and what you as a customer can expect from us.

Of course, you as a customer can add requests, if you think something is missing or if you have something that requires special routines when cleaning.

Cleaning of kitchen

  • Oven, heating cabinet, stove
  • Cleaning behind the stove, fridge, freezer
  • Cleaning the fridge, freezer
  • Cleaning of cabinets and doors
  • Cleaning of fan, valve
  • Cleaning of fixed lighting
  • Cleaning of workbenches
  • Cleaning of tiles and floors.

Bathroom cleaning

  • Cleaning of bathroom cabinets
  • Mirrors
  • Cleaning of tiles, clinker taps
  • Cleaning of shower, bath, toilet
  • Wiping of pipes
  • Cleaning of fixed lighting
  • Floor drain cleaning
  • Valve cleaning

Cleaning of other rooms

  • Window sills, electrical outlets and connectors
  • Element incl. dust drying behind
  • Wardrobes, doors and handles
  • Wet drying of floors
  • Wet drying of baseboards
  • Wet drying of thresholds
  • Dust drying of walls and ceilings
  • All windows
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